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Pricing & Shipping

Review our pricing and shipping information below. Ready to order? Click link below to view & print the Order Form/Pricing Sheet and contact us at 800-291-3739

Order Form / Pricing Chart (PDF)

Church Film Price Chart and add on fees: 

Basic designs (name starts with IN-**): $17 per square foot (before add ons like crosses)

Add on (to basic designs)

Film Only Price
Tempered Glass Install
(includes glass)
Plain (no crosses medallions, etc.) $0 extra per wdw $12 extra per s/f
Add Diamonds $30 extra per wdw $12 extra per s/f
Add Cross $30 extra per wdw $12 extra per s/f
Add Medallion $60 extra per wdw $12 extra per s/f
Medallion & Scripture* $75 extra per wdw $12 extra per s/f
Medallion & Custom Scripture $100 extra per wdw $12 extra per s/f
Add Deluxe Medallion or saint** $125 extra per wdw $12 extra per s/f
Full Medallion Scene/Artistic Designs***

$30 per square foot

$12 extra per s/f
Make design on mural (banner) material**** between $20-25 s/f n/a

Shipping Information

Shipping on film only orders (US orders) is a flat $60 on most orders due to UPS rates on oversized packages, on film only orders over $2000 USD, shipping is FREE

For frame and tempered glass orders, shipping is done via freight carrier, you would pay the freight carrier the actual shipping costs upon delivery. Since these rates change often, it is difficult to provide exact figures. 

On international orders shipping costs are done on a job by job basis based on the size and weight of the parcel being shipped, on orders over $2000 USD we do knock the first $60 off of shipping costs

Computing Square Footage

Multiply your width (to the next highest half foot) times the height (to the next highest half foot). Then multiply that square footage times the correct square foot price for that film to get your cost per unit. Add up all your unit costs to figure up your total cost. Feel free to call us if you need assistance with pricing and figuring out your square footage.

Needing window frames too?

Want to take out all the guesswork with NEW ready to install windows with your church? Give us call call to discuss you options in ordering heavy duty glass windows with vinyl frames, your film will already be installed on them. Fluxtuating pricing doesn't allow us to post prices for these online, simply give us a call with your size(s) needed and number of windows you wish to order and we will be happy to give you a quote

More Details 

*Preselected scripture is the wording on the website 
**Does not include full medallion depiction (which is charged as an artistic design)
***Full deluxe medallion useage limited due to proportion limits on designs, call for information. 
****Ideal for churches without exterior windows, design will be produced on a heavy duty banner material for display in your church


Questions? Feel free to contact us.