Deluxe Medallion Designs

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Select a DELUXE MEDALLION scene or SAINT choice below to place in a window setting.  You may also fill an entire background of your window film with a deluxe medallion. 

(NOTE: For Full Deluxe option, Deluxe Medallions sizes do not completely fill all window shapes, we try to make the scene as large as possible) Call us today for more info or with questions. View deluxe medallion and saint choices below:                

 Designs 1-20: Deluxe Set 1   *  Designs 30-43: Deluxe Set 2   *   Designs 44-57: Deluxe Set 3   *   Saints Designs   *   Designs 58-71: Stations of the Cross  *   Designs 72-83: Deluxe Set 4