Church Window Film® A decorative stained glass window film starting at $10 s/f. Browse Designs >

  • Decorative stained glass window film designs for churches

    Buy with confidence. FULL 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

  • ANY SIZE ANY SHAPE can be made

    All types of designs in ANY SIZE and SHAPE!

  • Church window film is easy for any church to order and enjoy

    "...impeccable quality and service" Rev. Dr. Ulmer Marshall

  • modern decorative stained glass window film designs for churches

    Simple for ANYONE to install!

  • stained glass window film sale

    Save Save Save... New Lower prices on EVERYTHING

  • stained glass designs in vinyl frames and preinstalled on tempered glass

    Available PRE-MOUNTED on Lexan or tempered glass

  • stained glass designs in vinyl frames and preinstalled on tempered glass

    "Our new windows look amazing!" Mark Jackson

Church Window Film®: for any size & shape window, simple to install, & comes with a FULL 10 year warranty!

Why Choose Church Window Film?

  • Comes with a 10 Year FULL Guarantee as of 2016 – buy with confidence knowing YOUR film is covered against peeling and fading, AND IT IS SAFE ON DOUBLE PANE WINDOWS (CLICK HERE).
  • NEW LOWER PRICING, if you need your film preinstalled to tempered glass, the extra cost is only $10 a s/f extra and that includes the tempered glass
  • Our decorative stained glass film saves money in utility costs with by reducing heat and cuts damaging UV rays and glare (no more sun damaged pews and carpeting).
  • Our decorative window film is made to your EXACT size, shape, and design preference! We also custom design entire windows!
  • Vandal protection against shattered glass
  • From a company that's specialized in stained glass windows for over 35 years, we know window designs
  • Quality decorative window film that look like stained glass, but costs much less. Our film starts at only $10 a square foot for our STOCK FILM!!! 
  • Multi-layer UV resistant dyes ensure rich eye catching color in your window film.

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